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  • What is Stripe Connect

    Posted 24 March 2023 0 Bids $0.00

    Business models like marketplaces and software platforms use Connect and its related tools to route payments between businesses, customers, and recipients who need to get paid. When a user (business or service…

  • Connect to Stripe via profile

    Posted 24 March 2023 0 Bids $0.00

    To setup or connect to Stripe, open your user profile and click on the ‘Connect to Stripe’ link.

  • Get Started with Stripe

    Posted 24 March 2023 0 Bids $0.00

    After clicking on the ‘Connect with Stripe’ link in your profile, you will be re-directed to the Stripe ‘get Started with Stripe’ page. If you have an existing Stripe account,…

  • Secure account with mobile number

    Posted 24 March 2023 0 Bids $0.00

    Stripe uses 2 factor authentication to provide security for your account. Simply enter you mobile number and a security code will be sent via SMS.

  • Basic Details

    Posted 24 March 2023 0 Bids $0.00

    Some basic information is required to setup Stripe account and is required by KYC (know your customer) legislation. This includes name, address, DOB and professional details.

  • Bank details to get paid out

    Posted 24 March 2023 0 Bids $0.00

    You will be requested to provide the details of the Bank Account to which you would like to receive payments. As soon as project has been marked complete by Business,…