Google Street View

Create and publish your own Street View imagery.

Capturing new neighbourhoods, tourist hotspots, and local businesses has never been easier. Simply choose your camera, collect your 360 videos, and upload to Street View Studio.

Show your neighbourhood, your cultural heritage, and local businesses to a global audience.

Help cities monitor road traffic, assess infrastructure damage, optimize maintenance work, and aid in recovery efforts.

Improve the tourist experience by mapping walkways and accessibility points.

Only 3 steps to publish your 360 imagery globally

  1. GEARUP: Capture streets, trails, tourist sites, and businesses with a Street View-compatible camera. If your street does not exist in Google Maps, look at other ways to manage or contribute data on our Google Maps Content Partners page.
  2. Take your camera on a drive, ride, or walk: Create your 360 imagery on the move while keeping your hands on the wheel. Use a vehicle or a helmet mount when mapping your street, or mount your camera with a mini tripod or monopod if you are creating indoor imagery.
  3. Publish your images: Upload and manage your 360 imagery with Street View Studio.