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What is Stripe Connect

Business models like marketplaces and software platforms use Connect and its related tools to route payments between businesses, customers, and recipients who need to get paid.

When a user (business or service provider) signs up on 360panomania, a user Account (referred to as a connected account) is created to accept payments and move funds to their bank account. Connected accounts help facilitate the collection of onboarding requirements so Stripe can verify the user’s identity.

Stripe Connect allows instant onboarding to global payouts and handles all the KYC (know your customer) obligations.

Connect to Stripe via profile

To setup or connect to Stripe, open your user profile and click on the ‘Connect to Stripe’ link.

Get Started with Stripe

After clicking on the ‘Connect with Stripe’ link in your profile, you will be re-directed to the Stripe ‘get Started with Stripe’ page.

If you have an existing Stripe account, simply enter the email address of the existing Stripe account and your 360panomania user account will be linked to your Stripe account. You will be able to make bids and receive payments.

If you do not have an existing Stripe account, simply enter an email address that will be used to setup up the Stripe account.

Secure account with mobile number

Stripe uses 2 factor authentication to provide security for your account. Simply enter you mobile number and a security code will be sent via SMS.

Basic Details

Some basic information is required to setup Stripe account and is required by KYC (know your customer) legislation. This includes name, address, DOB and professional details.

Bank details to get paid out

You will be requested to provide the details of the Bank Account to which you would like to receive payments. As soon as project has been marked complete by Business, the payment will be automatically transferred to the specified bank account.

General Information

Types of Virtual Tours

A virtual tour is a sequence of panoramic images that are ‘stitched’ together to create a ‘virtual’ experience of any location. Once created, the viewer is able to experience what it is like to be somewhere they are actually not. This virtual experience could be viewed through their desktop computers, their laptops, their tablets and even mobile devices. Some virtual tours also include sound effects such as music or a narration describing products or points of interest.

Google Blue Line Street View Tour

If the street-level view of your business is outdated, Street View Trusted Photographers can create 360° photos of the exterior of your business and upload them to Google Maps and they will replace the Street View layer as dotted blue lines.

Interior 360° Virtual Tour of Business

When customers search for your business on Google or Google maps, they will be able to view an immersive 360° virtual tour of the interior of your business. It will appear as under photos of your business’s Google Listing.

Real Estate Virtual Tour

Real estate agents have found that virtual tours can help potential buyers get to know a home before paying a visit in person. With a virtual tour, a buyer can see if the house is right for him or her; this saves an agent the time and hassle of offering an in-person tour of the house to someone who has no intention of making a purchase. Construction companies that build custom homes have also made use of virtual tours by offering potential customers a 360° view of various house plans so home buyers can see the pros and cons of any given home plan.

Drone Photography

Drones can capture stunning 360° photos for Google Maps, real estate properties, hotels, construction companies, and much more.

Quality of photographs

Quality varies with regards to virtual tours. It is always best to look at examples of a photographers works before accepting a bid.

Generally the quality comes down to resolution and processing of images:

Greater than 4K resolution will provide sharper pictures especially if the user zooms in on an image. The best resolution will be with a DSLR camera, however the better 360° cameras will provide greater than 4K resolution. A high quality 360° image should meet the following standards:

  • No gaps in image around horizon.
  • No significant stitching errors.
  • Adequate detail in light/dark areas.
  • Sharpness: no motion blur, in focus.
  • No distracting effects or filters.

Create login as Business

  1. Click on SIGN UP link in top right hand corner of website.
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • First name
    • Surname
    • Username
    • Email address
    • Password
    • Confirm password
    • Click SUBMIT button

Post a Project

  1. Click on ‘post a project‘ in the Projects menu or the ‘post a project‘ button on the Home page
  2. Complete the following fields:
    • Business Type – select the industry that is relevant to your business.
    • Business Floor Size – the approximate floor space of your business (this will determine the approximate budget for the project).
    • Photography Date and Time – the date and time you would like the photography to be done.
    • Google Map Location – start typing the name of your business as it appears on Google.
  3. Click on Submit Project

Note: The description is a generic description of what is expected by the standard that have been set by Google Maps. Further details can be discussed with the photographer once the they have been awarded the project.

Bid on a Project

  1. Search for projects in your Location by click on the Projects menu.
  2. Select project that you would like to bid on.
  3. Click on ‘bid’ button so that you can enter a bid for the project.
  4. Enter your bid and the number of days that it will take to complete the project.
  5. Click Submit

Accept a Bid

  1. Search for projects in your Location by click on the Projects menu.
  2. Select project that you would like to bid on.
  3. Click on ‘bid’ button so that you can enter a bid for the project.
  4. Enter your bid and the number of days that it will take to complete the project.
  5. Click Submit

Use Workspace to Communicate

Once a bid has been accepted, a Workspace will be created so that you can communicate with the photographer. This will allow you to exchange details about the business and finalise the photography date and time. You can also upload files to provide further information about the business such as floorplans or images.

Finish Project

After the photographer has successfully photographed your business and published the 360View to the Google Listing of your business, you can complete the project by clicking on the ‘Finish’ button in the project workspace.

Clicking on the ‘Finish’ button will automatically transfer the credit for the project to the photographer. The photographer will be able to withdraw the credit as currency.

You will be prompted to provide a review of the photographer which will count towards their reputation.

Likewise the photographer will be requested to leave a review about the business at the completion of the project.


A dispute occurs when either the business is not satisfied with the outcome